Establishment of a computer infrastructure

Establishment of a computer infrastructure
Our company Spectronet offers a variety of computing solutions for businesses, the purpose of which is to optimize your business and allow it to grow, while you can be free to run the business in peace. One of the important steps is to set up a computing infrastructure, so choose the most professional software that will allow you to enjoy an efficient business, saving time and costs. Some of the software in question are: Office 365, Google Apps, e-mail, graphics software and a variety of other systems such as inventory management systems, payroll management systems, employee management systems, billing systems and more.

Hub Security systems

In addition to the software and the variety of measures that will ensure you proper conduct, one of the guarantees for the success of your business is a quality infrastructure, which will suit the nature of the business and be in line with the customer’s requirements. Establishment of a computer infrastructure also includes the purchase of suitable peripherals, installation of communication cabinets, wiring, installation of switches, providing support and consulting services, establishment of remote backup systems, operation of a technical support center, field technicians, outsourcing services and more.

What are outsourcing services?

This is one of the services that we at Spectronet offer to the customer during the establishment of a computing infrastructure. Outsourcing services have become a very common modern management method in recent years. Many companies prefer to focus on the specific specialization in which they operate and employ contractor workers who will provide a solution to certain areas in which they are skilled, while saving large costs, not messing with employee rights and of course getting an immediate response to each task. The customer can choose the options: purchase of a bank of hours, a permanent employee for a certain position, a possibility of a reinforcement jump in an urgent case or backup and reinforcement for existing network managers in the event of absence or workload.

Routine maintenance of computing infrastructure

Hub Security infrastructure

Choosing a quality and professional company that will establish a computing infrastructure is important for the establishment, but more important for the day-to-day maintenance. Our team at Spectornet is constantly on the pulse, when it comes to the information systems of every customer in our database. To prevent future malfunctions, we constantly monitor and back up the software and infrastructure so that the customer enjoys peace of mind and complete confidence that his information is secure from every direction.